beggers on the high street

Statement from PC Darren Roe SNT West Ruislip

It has come to our attention, from our beat patrols and from local residents, that there has been "homeless" beggars on the High Street, Ruislip.

Officers have been dealing with this issue in order to get them off the street. I would however like to ask for the publics help by not giving to these beggars, money, food or any other items, as our Intel suggests they are not homeless, but part of a group who will beg as a profession. By not giving to the beggars it should make them realise that the area is a non profitable and therefore stop attending the location 


homeless on the high street

How can you help someone you believe to be genuinely homeless?

Whilst we have been made aware of  professional gangs  begging on the High Street, there may be some people who are genuinely homeless.  If you are concerned about any individual who you are regularly seeing rough sleeping in or around the High Street, we encourage you to report this to Streetlink via their app or via their website

StreetLink exists to help end rough sleeping by enabling members of the public to connect people sleeping rough with the local services that can support them.  If you are concerned about someone you have seen sleeping rough, you can use this website to send an alert to StreetLink.  The details you provide are sent to the local authority or outreach service for the area in which you have seen the person, to help them find the individual and connect them to support.

Please call 999 if the person needs urgent medical attention or is under 18 years old